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"The love and support -- and how this translates into us taking better care of ourselves when we have someone who is invested in our happiness -- is immeasurable," Varma says. "But I also see a lot of substance abuse and depression in my male patients in the same situation." Based on her practice, Varma believes that men and women are equally affected by unhappy relationships -- the results just manifest differently. "If someone is single, it may or may not point to a difficulty in establishing close relationships," Varma says. For others, it's simply that they have not found their life partner yet.

You have someone to remind you that you shouldn’t eat that; that you should have one less drink." That means your spouse can help you maintain healthy habits." People who are in happy marital relationships are also more likely to follow their doctors’ recommendations, research shows.

Living with your significant other may also have health benefits.

Niagra X contains major herbal extracts which help you attain the optimum physical conditions which help enhance sexual performance.

They are Xanthoparmelis Scabrosa extract, Cnidum Monnier extract, L-Arginine, & Piperline besides small quantities of other health enhancing ingredients.

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