Dating the president of a fraternity

After reading these comments, I had two questions: As you can perhaps guess, I went into this project with a strong distrust of both TFM and fraternities in general.I came out, however, both enjoying my conversations with every fraternity man I spoke to and fascinated by the complex and contradictory world they inhabited. I would say the overwhelming amount of men AND women talk to their friends in ways that would shock people if they were displayed to the world...” Tucker told me.2 03 - These people are absolutely lifelong friends (S/O to GDI PC '13) and I .reputation but your own if you're dating a guy in a not-so-great frat .I statistically analyzed the more than sixteen thousand comments on the Girls section. 56% were “While TFM does not provide a perfectly representative sample of fraternity members (and non-fraternity members can comment on the site), it does provide a far larger sample than, for example, a story about a sexual assault at a single fraternity.It represents a substantial slice of fraternity culture.To give you a taste of what wins you approval on this site, here are some of the comments about women which got the most upvotes.

I wouldn't want all my friends to be just like me for the same reason I don't want to date anyone just like me. Most of the sorority girls I know dating guys who aren't Greek have a.

"I talked to one of the brothers," said Mike, who asked that his last name and fraternity not be identified. It's not something you can choose."Telling the rest of the fraternity was far from easy, Mike said.

He explained that a few brothers in the house gave him a hard time about being gay.

Once he realized he was gay he faced one of the hardest tasks of his life -- coming out to his fraternity.

Mike first came out to one of his brothers, a close friend who Mike said was understanding of him.

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